My Personal Aesthetic: Cartoons

One of my personal aesthetics is cartoons. I grew up watching Cartoon Network. In early childhood watching Courage the cowardly dog, Dexter’s laboratory and The power puff girls was something I looked forward to every day. Later Pokemon, Bayblade and Dragon Ball Z became my favourite.

In primary school I used to sketch my favourite pokemon whenever I got time, which was basically all the time. I also collected Tazo’s that came free with the Cheetos pack. I ended up collecting around 300 different Tazos.

Even now as an adult I am into Cartoons. I love The Rick and Morty show which is cartoon basically for adults as it has a lot of dark humour. I am into Anime as well. Dragon Ball Z and One punch man are some of my favourite Anime series.  One of my favourite anime movies is “Your Name”. I still like to watch Tom and Jerry original cartoon series from time to time.

I also wear apparels with cartoon prints on them as I find them cool.

If I end up making the sketching and writing robot for my final project I will definitely draw a bunch of my favourite cartoon characters and keep them for my self or sell them.

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  • Stephen Chamot
    May 4, 2021 11:46 am

    I really liked the idea that such a 2d dependent artform can be the basis of your aesthetic and I’m curious as to how you could translate your aesthetic to something like a chair.

  • Hi Ankit,

    Your post really gave me nostalgia about my childhood. I used to own DBZ comic books and didn’t know there was a anime series until I was older. And Even though I never got into Pokemon, I also used to collect Tazos as a kid just because they looked cool. Your sketching/writing robot project sounds really hard but also really awesome, I’m excited to see what it can do!

  • Hi Ankit,

    I also grew up really enjoying cartoons, I greatly enjoy all the shows you listed and am sad to say I never really got a chance to get into DBZ though I do enjoy the old original episodes. I think we saw cartoon network peak during our childhood, and hopefully soon we get the next season of OPM!


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