Braided Wire Art :- Up-cycling project progress report.

For my up-cycling project, I had decided to use the extra electrical jumper wires lying around in my lab. The first task I identified was to set an aesthetic for my project artifact. Using the wires I had just as is, would not have conformed to a certain aesthetic and so I decided to strip off the  colored insulation so as to expose the silver and copper colors of the wires and set an aesthetic as steampunk/wirepunk.

I decided to stick with my original plan of weaving the tripped wires to make an artifact resembling a tree and use the multi-strand wire ends as the foliage of the tree. I soon realized after starting to strip the wires that, to make a tree with the specifications of the project, I would need much longer stripped wires than what I had. I tried to strip the longer  wires I had, but had a hard time t strip them effectively. I used standard wire strippers and even an exact blade to cut open the insulation over a longer length only to end up damaging the wire strands and harming myself a bit.

Since I faced this issue, I decided to change my artifact design to a watch and have drafted a plan for the same. I think I have enough stripped wires to weave them into making the watch.


This has been my progress till now and I hope to start forming the wire according to this plan.

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  • Dylan Jackson
    March 5, 2023 5:08 pm

    This seems like a smart pivot to me. The original tree design would have been cool, but the raw metal in wires lends itself really well to shiny objects, like for instance jewelry which often uses precious metals. So, I think after you make this it’ll really evoke a functioning watch!


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