Thus far, I have not done much to my projects after the presentations. After looking at the comments I received and the feedback I got from the presentations, I plan on re-staining the woods to be darker. So far I have the shape of the project the way I want it to be. I did this by taking to small pieces of scrap wood and sanding them down. This did in fact take forever and I would not recommend doing that.

If I were going to do this again I’d probably whittle the center part and then sanded down once I got it to where I wanted. I need to continue to to sand down the edged and honestly the entire project as a whole. The project is a little rough and not in the best shape to be rubbing your hand across. If I end up having more time by the end of this project, I may add some details and paint some designs on, but this is isn’t likely because I’m swamped!!!

Anyway, progress is and will be made over the next two weeks!

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  • Ben Fougere
    May 5, 2023 4:35 pm

    Hey India, I can’t see any photos of your box but it sounds very cool and I like the addition of a dark stain, I used something similar in my upcycle project and it came out great! super satisfying as well


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