“The Illusionist” Locket


Final Locket
Final Locket with chain

Thirty-Thousand Foot View:

For my final project, I wanted to do an intricate wooded locket from the movie The Illusionist. In this movie, the locket twists from an oval or “pill” shape to a heart shape, then it swings open to reveal an opening for a picture.

Project Presentation:

Once Upon A Time…

The Inspiration to it all ~ 2/25/2016 ~ (Or just a bit earlier)

The Project Proposal ~ 3/2/2016 ~ (She said yes!!!)

The Constraints ~ 3/11/2016 ~ (What is trying to hold you back?)

Locket Update #1 – The CAD ~ 3/16/2016 ~ (This should totally work! I made it on the computer!)

Locket Update #2 – The Profile ~ 4/2/2016 ~ (Hey sanding isn’t too bad. Right?)

Locket Update #3 – The Center Hole ~ 4/6/2016 ~ (Made the center hole and first prototype works!)

Locket Update #4 – A Step Towards Done~ 4/13/2016 ~ (Making some really small holes… half holes really)

Final Project Post #1 ~ 4/20/2016 ~ (IT’S DONE!!!!!)

Final Project Post #2 ~ 4/26/2016 ~ (It’s ACTUALLY done this time!)

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