Upcycle Progress: From Concept to Fabrication

It has been an exciting journey since I shared my concepts and ideas for the upcycling project involving the integration of unused Trex Wood from a previous patio decking project. Its composite nature, made from 95% recycled materials, aligns perfectly with the environmental theme of the project. Today, I am excited to update you on the progress I’ve made thus far and go over the fabrication plan.

Progress Update:

Since my last post, I have delved into some of the more intricate details of designing a wine bottle holder that seamlessly fits into the underutilized space between my kitchen countertop and cabinets. This space isn’t just a practical storage solution for the wine bottles I frequently use in my recipes; it’s also a blank canvas where I can introduce a contemporary environmental aesthetic into my kitchen. Inspired by my European travels to visit family, this project aims to evoke fond memories while seamlessly integrating style and functionality into this underutilized corner of my kitchen.

I have already begun gathering all of the materials, tools, and other resources that I will need to complete the fabrication of the design as seen above. I have begun drilling out some of the holes and looking into what diameter hole is needed to keep the bottles horizontal. I have a 1.5″ hole cutter that I have been using to drill the initial holes in a test piece to get an understanding of the proportions with regards to distance between the individual bottles, countertop, and cabinates. The drill bit turned out to be a little to small because the Trex wood is standing too upright causing a stronger moment arm which ultimately makes the feet to slide towards each other which lead to a risk of the wine bottles falling apart as it closes in on each other. Therefore, increasing the base would provide a more stable design but this would mean I would need to obtain a larger hole cutting tool.

This week, I will be taking a tour and training of the wood working workshop in the idea forge. This will allow me to use the miter saw to cut the Trex wood at angles allowing it to sit flush on the counter top . I will also find out if the wood workshop has hole cutting tools that are larger that 1.5 inches in diameter and use their professional tools to fabricate the components. Once I have the proper training and understanding of what tools the wood workshop has, I will drill some additional holes with various diameters to find the optimal size that allows for a aesthetically desirable pitch at which the Trex will be sitting at.

Once these steps are completed, I will cut down the final Trex components to size with a miter saw. This process will allow for a much better finish than if I were to do it by hand with a handsaw. It will also allow me to cut the components with the desired angles that are ultimately needed for a seamless interface between surfaces. I will then use a wood glue and additional support brackets underneath the interface of the two Trex components. This will be integrated in a way where it will be out of sight and unnoticeable.


With the wood workshop tour and training ahead, I am eager to hone my skills and utilize professional tools to bring this upcycled wine bottle holder to life. Thank you for joining me on this creative journey, and I am excited to share the final results with you soon!


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  • Tim, this looks like a promising start. The bottles floating like the way pictured definitely creates a cool illusion and overall aesthetic. One suggestion I had would be to maybe add some “feet” to the bottom of the stand or stick-on rubber pads to prevent sliding on the countertop. The weight of the bottles themselves may negate this problem, but just a thought.

  • Hey Tim, I think this is a really cool design and idea. I’m sure when it is done its going to look very interesting. I was wondering if you were potentially worried if it might fall over if it is two one sided in weight. Either way I’m sure its going to turn out amazing!


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