Upcycling Process: Floral Aesthetic

My upcycling project will consist of carving a cantaloupe into a floral design, like the pictures seen below. I have conducted research on what tools and materials I will need for my project. I will need an assortment of small knives and spoons, which I currently own. Additionally, I will buy a cantaloupe from King Soopers around the time that I plan on carving the melon out, so that it does not spoil beforehand. I will be referring to a Youtube series by Mutita EdibleArt, which has multiple videos on how to create these floral designs in melons.

In terms of the timeline, I will buy two cantaloupes around February 16th, and carve them out by the 18th. This will give me enough time to practice carving on the first cantaloupe, before working on the second cantaloupe, which will be presented as my final product. Of course, the first cantaloupe will not go to waste, as I will endure consuming the cantaloupe after I’ve finished carving it out. That way, no part of this project will go to waste. I am excited to begin practicing carving out melons, and hope that my final design turns out as nicely as some of the examples shown above.





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  • Brandon Phillips
    February 11, 2024 10:35 pm

    Hi Dylan, this idea is awesome! It seems like theres tons of shapes you can make with this so I’m excited to see what you do. Whats the plan for after you submit this project? Will you eat the cantelope or catalog how it looks after time?

  • Hey Dylan, this seems like such a cool idea! I’m very interested to see how it turns out as I expect it to be quite difficult. Is there a certain flower you are trying to mimic, if so what type of melon do you think would work best for it? Very excited to see the final result!


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