Upcycling Progress Update: Bouldering Chalk Bucket

A brief recap of the project before we get into the update:

The goal of this project is to construct a chalk “bucket” that will be used primarily for indoor climbing/bouldering. The idea behind the bucket design is that it can hold more chalk than a traditional chalk bag, as well as brushes, tape, and other items that we want to have easy access to while climbing. The aesthetic we are going for here is workwear, and for this we are making the main body of the chalk bucket out of denim. This has been sourced from an old pair of jeans, and the denim will provide a durable material so that the bag is able to withstand any sort of abuse that it may suffer.

I am using a modified sewing pattern that I found from Fraser Gust (linked at the end of this post) and changed slightly to better suit what I was trying to do. Below is an image of the pattern I will be using (all measurements are in cm).

I still need to source material for the inner pattern, and hope to have that before the weekend. However, I can still work on and make progress on the outer part of the bag, even without that material. I also need to find some webbing/buckles for making the pull tabs and closure mechanisms for the chalk bucket, but I don’t anticipate having any issues with that. One fun idea that I had was to incorporate the Levi’s leather patch from the back of the jeans into the chalk bucket somehow. My idea was to use it in lieu of a logo, to sort of mark where the chalk bucket came from. Below is an image of a chalk bucket with a logo, which I want to take inspiration from on where to place that leather patch.

My next steps include:

  1. Cutting out my denim pattern (By EOD Feb. 9th)
  2. Sourcing material for the inside of the chalk bucket as well as the webbing for the pull tabs and buckles (By Feb 11th)
  3. My goal is to start on the sewing this week, starting with the outside pattern. Once I have the inside material, I can start doing that as well. My goal is to have all the sewing done by Feb. 13th, which should give me a little bit of buffer in case things don’t work out as I am expecting them to.

Thanks for stopping by! Please drop a comment of you have any comments, questions, or ideas for the project. Thanks!


  1. https://organicclimbing.com/products/deluxe-chalk-bucket
  2. https://www.etsy.com/listing/946611652/vintage-leather-original-two-horses

Fraser Gust:


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  • This looks like it will be pretty cool when it is finished. I like that you are making a functional item that you can use while bouldering, and you have made good progress by finding the patterns shown here and sourcing the material. How long you think the cutting and sewing process is going to take? Also, is 1 pair of jeans enough material for this?

  • Maddox Mitchell
    February 8, 2024 11:51 am

    Max! I think you’ve made great progress so far on your project and I appreciate the sewing pattern diagram that you provided, it was very helpful in visualizing how you were going to approach this. Will you be using the Idea Forge’s sewing machines? I am curious where you will be planning to sew because your project has inspired me to attempt something similar in my own free time!


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