Upcycle progress – Industrial Planter

I have decided to create an industrial planter for my plants. My decision came from a simple desire, I recently have become a plant mom, and Love the contrast and energy that plants bring into my industrial style bedroom. I wanted something that could not only house my lovely plant collection, but also support my industrial style bedroom. In true upcycling and industrial style, I  decided to look around, I searched Facebook marketplace and found some phenomenal reclaimed wood. I was also told about this neat little antique shop down in Franktown that my friend recommended it was there where I found some beautiful, yet horridly rusted  grain pails. I decided that I could combine the two to create a beautiful industrial style planter inspired by some planter research and designs. With some shellac and hard work, I know that this will come out phenomenally.

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  • Adlai, this aesthic it wonderful. Gives me flashbacks to when I was heavily into the post-apocalyptic genre where people would use old rusted material to be utilized for farming, storage and anything else the people in that world could think of. Shows like Revolution or Movies such as the Mad Max franchise. Have you put any plans for keeping the plants and metal material separated so that the moister doesn’t damage the rust and vice versa?

  • Adlai, this is very creative, and the rustic look with the reclaimed wood will add great flair to the space. I also think that the functional aspect makes this a very cool project because it serves as both a planter and introduces an industrial aesthetic into the room. Are there any specific elements or features from your research or other designs you have seen that you are most excited to incorporate into your industrial-style planter?


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