Post 13 – Portfolio

Throughout this course I have learned the physical and imaginative creativity I am capable of. This post serves as a story board of progress. Below are each of my blog post in order. First is the progression and exploration of my upcycle project, The second half of links consist of the creation of my main project artifact. I hope you enjoy as much as I did!

Aesthetics Exploration – Op Art

Upcycle Aesthetic – Fairy Tale

Upcycle Progress – Woodworking

Opposite Upcycle Aesthetic – Utilitarian Minimalism

Fairy Tale Mirrored Candle Shelf

Main Project Plans and Inspirations – Chess Board

Main Project Aesthetics: Plans and Alternatives

Design Preview – Game Boards

Game Board – Top 5 specifications, Top 5 constraints

Post 10 – Game Board Progress

Final Report Part 1 – Game Board

Final Report Part 2 – Game Board

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