Post 11: Final Report Part 1 (Max Palish)


My final project will be a simplistic, low profile wooden light fixture taking inspiration from the minimalist aesthetic. It will be constructed from a hallowed out 2×4 plank of wood, a 3/8th acrylic sheet and warm LED strip lights. The dynamic component of this project will be from the LED’s ability to change shades, so as the light is on it will periodically cast out different shades of warm light. 

Potential Alternative Aesthetics:

Retro-futurism sketch of final project design.
Bauhaus sketch of final project design.

Design Specifications:

  • 1.  Aesthetic Achieved: ALMOST, minimalistic but not wooden.
  • 2. Functioning Light Fixture: YES, it lights up.
  • 3. Wall Mountable: YES, discreetly with M3 tape.
  • 4. LEDs not Visible: YES, acrylic covers function nicely.
  • 5. Battery Pack Assessable: ALMOST, not as assessable as planned but still useable.

Design Process:

After picking out my 2×4 wood, I realized my design would be impossible to fabricated. Due to its length, the wiring through hole along the 2×4 would require an impossible long drill bit. Because of this, I have decided to make my piece modular with each of the three lighting “windows” being their own portion which will then be secured together after the fact. Also, for the light slot cutouts, I have decided to replace the slots to go all the way through. I will then take the negative material, cut it in half and place it back into the main body of my project. This will achieve the same function as my original design but yet again simplify manufacturing.

After working further with the 2×4 piece of wood unfortunately it cracked in half and splintered pretty badly. Due to time constraints I had to move forward with the printing the main body instead. I printed the body in four pieces and super glued them together. To make the piece more streamline after, I then placed a fibered fabric over and glued it on.

In the end I am happy with my final product even though it is not wooden. I am glad that it functions well and still hits on the minimalist goal. I will be placing this in my bedroom above my bed and hopefully getting really good use out of it!

Initial Sketch
Original CAD Design
Final Picture 1
Final Picture 2
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  • Cannon Leitz
    April 28, 2024 4:43 pm

    I like how your project aims to combine minimalist aetherics with functionality, particularly with the use of warm LED lights to create dynamic shades of light. How did the decision to make the project modular and use acrylic sheets afffect the overall design process?

    • Hi Cannon thank you for reading my post! Making the project modular and added the acrylic sheets increase the number of parts on my final assembly. That being said, it actually made manufacturing and assembly easier.


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