Final Report 2; Modern Chateau Customizable Display

My goal was to create a 3D dynamic house design in order to not only showcase my design, but to also allow for landscape manipulation through movable ferns and trees. Like I said in my last post, I have watched several YouTube videos where they make a 3D model out of concrete and wood. So my first thought was; how can I do this, but without having to mix any concrete and wire my lights… professionally. That’s when I decided to design my house on Fusion 360 and 3D print it.


  • 4/2/2024: I finished my house design on Fusion 360
  • 4/9/2024: I 3D printed my house and glued the broken pieces together
  • 4/9/2024: Twisted my wire ferns and trees for the landscaping
  • 4/13/2024: Went to Home Depot and got marble backsplash for my base
  • 4/28/2024: I wired the LED lights through the backsplash and glued it to the house. Then I glued the house to the backsplash and played around with it

After I 3D printed the house, I twisted some wires together in order to make my ferns and trees. I wanted to stick to my aesthetic (which was modern) and keep it simple with the metal wire. Afterwards I went to Home Depot and bought some backsplash. Once I bought the LED’s, I wired them through the slots between the marble pieces and glued them to the top of the house. The glue finally dried and I was then able to glue the house down to the backsplash which finalized my project.

I’m honestly really happy with the way my project ended up. The light formed around the house perfectly and the landscaping is completely dynamic. The only thing I with I could’ve done differently is print my house thicker because it’s a little translucent and you can see the light through some areas of the house. It kind of doubles as a night light so I might keep it on my chair side table and use it as a functional display.

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  • Josh Beijer
    May 3, 2024 5:07 pm

    Great work on your project Andres! I really like the detail and effort you put into the pictures. It really helps communicate the aesthetic. I also think the marble backsplash compliments the house materials well. Did you consider any other colors for the house? I think this project turned out really well.


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