Opposite Upcycle Aesthetic – Utilitarian Minimalism

Deciding the opposite aesthetic for this project was slightly difficult as the ‘fairy tale’ aesthetic could be perceived in multiple ways. In the traditional sense of fairy tale stories, sensibility and reality would be the opposite. I understood this sensibility as utilitarian minimalism. In contrast to a fairy tale, utilitarianism does nothing in excess and only has aesthetics that serve a function. For example, my fairy tale upcycling project has many whimsical curves and intricate details, this contrasting aesthetic would have straight edges and 90 degree corners.

I also imagine a utilitarian design to be much smaller. My fairy tale design is far bigger than it needs to be to capture you in the piece. Comparatively, because the size is only aesthetic, a purely functional piece would be smaller, and only big enough to reflect the light that is given off by the candles.

I would also just frame the mirror simply, in the same way that you would frame a picture. Specifically, this would not be a frame with 45 degree miters in the corners but rather lapped sides. The candle rest would also be made as a separate piece to take out and clean the wax off of.

In conclusion, changing the aesthetic of this piece in a 180 direction would drastically change its design.


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