The Final Unveiling: My Journey from Roulette Inspiration to High-End Fashion Wristwatch


As this project comes to a finish and my time in Aesthetics of Design, I look back on my journey that began with the inspiration of having a project I could physically use or wear and from the vibrant allure of Las Vegas and how it evolved into the creation of a sophisticated high-end wristwatch. This final blog post discusses my path from initial ideation through to the intricate process of bringing a luxurious timepiece to life, I will show how a simple idea can turn into an artifact of personal expression, designed aesthetics, and technical skill.

Initial Inspiration and Conceptual Shift

The project began on a note of excitement, inspired by Las Vegas’ dazzling roulette wheels and the unexpected world of gambling and the emotions it entails. Initially, I was captivated by the idea of incorporating a miniature roulette wheel into a wristwatch. This concept was fueled by images of high-stakes games and the neon glow of The Strip, where each second could mean a fortune won or lost. This aesthetic would have honed in on the vibrant colors of Las Vegas and attempted to capture the thrill of winning or losing.  However, as I dived deeper into the complexities of integrating such a dynamic element within the fine precision and delicacy of a wristwatch, the challenges of functionality versus aesthetics became increasingly apparent. My early sketches, influenced by luxury watch designs I admired from brands like Patek Philippe and Richard Mille, helped frame my initial ideas but also highlighted the difficulties in marrying the mechanical intricacies with a sleek design.

Casino Tourbillon | Jacob & CoTraveling to Vegas | Aesthetic Revolution Las Vegas

Transitioning to a New Vision

Realizing the practical disadvantages of my initial design, I transitioned towards a more achievable yet equally ambitious vision. Using my admiration for the craftsmanship seen in brands like Audemars Piguet and Patek Philippe, I shifted my focus to creating a high-end fashion wristwatch. This new thinking allowed me to explore sophisticated design elements and refined materials, aligning with the high standards of luxury timepieces that not only tell time but tell stories of heritage and meticulous craftsmanship. The decision was influenced by the realization that while the roulette-inspired watch was a captivating concept, a more timeless and universally elegant design would potentially offer a broader appeal and greater practicality and would definitely help with my lack of technical skills in the watchmaking world.

Design Process and Material Selection

Throughout the design process, my sketches transitioned from playful and complex to sleek and elegant. I paid close attention to the selection of materials and components, ensuring each choice reflected the premium aesthetic I envisioned. Opting for a Seiko movement ensured reliability, while a stainless steel case and sapphire crystal face offered durability and clarity. Every element was chosen not just for its function but for its contribution to the overall luxury feel of the watch. These decisions were underscored by my previous experiments with various aesthetics during the brainstorming phase, where I explored everything from minimalistic designs to more elaborate skeleton watches.  My inspiration and ideas for the high-end aesthetic can be seen in the first image below where I tried to draw inspiration from material, design, and color.  Below this image are the parts I ordered for this project to try and match and build off of what I like from the examples.
Most Popular Luxury Watch Brands | The Watch Club by SwissWatchExpo

Personal Involvement and Hands-On Assembly

Despite purchasing pre-designed components, my involvement in the assembly process was deeply personal and hands-on. I engaged with every step, from the precise setting of the movement to the careful placement of the watch hands and securing the crystal face. This hands-on approach was not only necessary for the assembly but was also a significant learning experience that deepened my appreciation for the art of watchmaking. My commitment to the project was further demonstrated by the time spent in selecting each part, ensuring compatibility, and understanding the mechanics behind each component’s function within the watch.

Reflections on the Project

This journey has been one of both challenges and immense growth. The transition from an initial, seemingly whimsical idea to a refined and elegant product taught me the importance of flexibility and resilience in design. My hands-on involvement in the crafting process reinforced my connection to the final piece, making the watch not just an accessory but a personal testament to the skills and knowledge I’ve gained. The process also highlighted the importance of thoughtful material selection and the impact of aesthetic choices on the final product’s appeal.  If I were to do anything different I would think to add some additional personalization features to the watch.  A few ideas I had were to laser cut the watch case to make some engravings or markings on it to make it a little more “my own”.  I also thought of painting my own watch face which I thought could have been cool but I was worried the thickness of the paint would have interfered with the assembly of the watch.  Besides this, the only other alterations I considered making was to change the gold silver band to just a silver band as I thought it looked slightly more classy.  However all in all I am very happy with how this watch came out and I feel like it was a great learning experience to start from ground zero on not knowing how to build or make something and taking it from there.  Below are a few images of the final wristwatch that I ended up with.



As I wrap up this project, I look forward to wearing this watch as a symbol of what can be achieved when creativity meets craftsmanship. It stands as a celebration of high fashion and horological design, and I am eager to share this creation, hoping it inspires others to explore their creative boundaries and embrace the journey of making something truly exceptional. This project not only fulfilled the objective of creating a functional and beautiful piece but also deepened my understanding of design as a reflection of personal and cultural narratives, bridging the gap between art and engineering.  I am excited to see what other students have in store at expo and to see there talented work!

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