For my project, I decided to go with an industrial-style bar cart. The plan for this bar cart is to have two shelves for glasses and various drinks. The cart will be about knee height and be on wheels. I decided to go with an industrial bar cart because it seemed harder than making a lamp or just a regular shelf. It had a dynamic aspect to it with the wheels and I think that it would be a more useful creation than some of my other ideas. If it doesn’t work as a bar cart it could always double as a nightstand or a small side table.

the barcart made above is from pipe decor find them at

As for the material I want to make this bar cart out of im thinking that a nice unfinished wood for the individual shelves would look good and use black steel pipes as supports. I want to make small handles on the side of the table to offer support and pull the entire design together, see below for design spec.

sketch of bar cart by me

As for my progress at the moment, I have gathered almost everything I need. The wood and pipes were sourced from my mom’s close friend. I was lucky enough to ask my mom and for him to have nearly everything I needed. From him, I received four steel pipes of the same length, a big slab of unfinished wood, and a few flanges. To make my design work I still need 8 flanges, various sizes of smaller pipes, wheels, screws, and four small pieces of wood to hold the shelves together. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find 4 of the same size castor wheels anywhere so I bought those from Amazon. Similarly, I needed pipes and flanges that were of exact measurement for the handles, so I got a few from Homedeopt. Luckily my stepdad had some wood lying around that worked great as the support.

So far I have all the pipes assembled and wood cut. All that is left is to put it all together!

bar cart by Matthew Osborn

Going forward I want to explore adding a stain to the wood for protection or to add to the aesthetic. If I darken the wood up a bit it might look even better. However, with this, I run the risk of ruining the entire projects aesthetic. I also think it might look nice to add some rails for glasses or something to add to the shelves as they will be very bland.  

Overall I am very excited to see how this will turn out and I am very happy that im actually making something useful that will not sit in the corner of my closet or be thrown away after the project!                

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  • Jess Corbitt
    May 8, 2024 11:22 am

    This is a really cool idea and looks incredibly well-planned. I am interested in hearing if you will use a clear sealant to prevent staining but preserve the natural wood look you desire.


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