Skill Sets and Personal Aspirations

During the last year of my curriculum as a mechanical engineer, I have realized that it is not what I’m truly passionate about. A little too late, right? I found myself more drawn to artistic majors such as graphic design, architecture and photography. I’ve always had interest in such topics, however, I’ve never thought about…
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Upcycle Final Report: Gaudi Mosaic Puzzle

DESIGN PROCESS What I have learned in regards to my upcycle design process: It is never too late to make iterations. Don’t get too attached to one idea. Let your constraints inspire you. Let me start by explaining how my upcycle project has progressed from start to finish.  As illustrated in my diagram below, I…
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Upcycle Final Report: Steampunk Jellyfish

Inspired by the giant, steampunk octopus of Burning Man, “El Pulpo Mechanico”, and a favorite video game character of mine, Fallout 4‘s “Codsworth”, I decided to use steampunk as the aesthetic of my Upcycle project and build a much smaller-scale jellyfish. My initial plans for materials included (but were not limited to) light bulbs, guitar strings, scrap…
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