Ethan Gehring: I have a very particular set of skills…

… Skills I have acquired over 5 years of engineering school.  Skills that make me a dream for teammates like you.

Seriously though,  I would consider myself an above average 3D modeler across multiple programs.  I have experience with both FEA, specifically Abaqus , and CFD, Solidworks and Star CCM. I have also done a fair amount of 3D printing, machine shop work, and circuit design.  Where I am likely to stand out as a mechanical engineer is my fondness for coding.  I completed a computer science minor and have worked with many languages including Python, C (Arduino), C++, and java script.

I am also a very musical being.  I play guitar, bass, drums, and keyboards, have a reasonable understanding of music theory, and have recorded a handful of songs.


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  • I look forward to working as teammates, Ethan! I’m glad to hear you’re a fan of coding in case anything involving coding comes up this semester, because I am not fond of coding at all.


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