Aesthetics of Design Timeline

Here listed is a rough timeline for the completion of my project and other posts:

Week 1 (Jan 18)

Research into different aesthetics. I found a particular interest in androgynous fashion


Week 2 (Jan 25)
Experimenting with creating products with a given aesthetic with upcycled materials. Here I took function and applied an aesthetic to it

Roadkill: Cycling wall art

Upcycling Presentation for Comments

Week 3 (Feb 1)
Project summary for aesthetic experimentation in upcycling

Texan Steer Bike Wall Hanger

Week 4 (Feb 8)

A summary of my possibly useful skill set for teammates

Skill Set

Week 5 (Feb 15)

A high level outline of my engineering aspirations

Andre’s Engineering Aspirations

Week 6 (Feb 22)

Break week for bike racing in Arizona
Week 7 (Feb 29)

Inspiration and sort of goals for my project. Mostly bikes that I spend a lot of time looking at


Week 8 (Mar 7)

Preliminary Design Review for my project before any manufacturing can begin. A check to make sure I’ve thought everything through

Custom Steel Bicycle Frame – PDR

Week 9 (Mar 14)

A list of my major anticipated design constraints

Design constraints

Week 10 (Mar 21)

Progress report for March 17

Custom Frame Update March 16

Week 11 (Mar 28)

Progress report for March 25 (note: I lost track of dates here but this follows the previous update thus the 17th)

Progress Report March 17

Week 12 (Apr 4)

Final Project Inspiration

Final Project Inspiration

Week 13 (Apr 11)

General project update for April 8th

Update April 8th

Week 14 (Apr 18)

General project update for April 15th

Custom Bike 4/19 Update

Week 15 (Apr 25)

Final Project Report I: concrete details

Final Report I: Concrete Details

Week 16 (May 2)

Final Project Report II: What it all means talks about how important this project and bikes are to me “The Gospel of Two Wheels”

Final Project Report II: What it all means, The Gospel of Two Wheels




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  • Kevin Martin
    May 4, 2016 4:53 pm

    This was such an ambitious project! Your machining and welding work is incredible- building my own bike is something I’d love to do someday. I’m especially impressed with your schedule and timeline here- very thorough!


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