Upcycle Progress / Design Process

Here is a block/bubble diagram representation of my upcycle project design process. The rectangular blocks represent more defined portions and the round bubbles are more obscure. I’ll walk you through my journey so far.

The assignment. Pretty straightforward. We are tasked with creating something out of something less good. It must be reasonably sized. Frugality is useful.

Next up is idea formation. I found it hard to think of ideas at first, trying to consider what junk was at my disposal and what I could do with it.

I considered making a lamp out of something. An egg carton, a tire, whatever. Moving on to the next block, I had to ask myself if that would be very cool and concluded that I was not in love with the lamp idea. My life is not really missing a lamp.

So I returned to the idea formation stage. Since high school, or maybe even before, I noticed messenger bags that had old school seatbelt buckles integrated into the strap. Hipsters would tote them around on their vintage bicycles. I’ve wanted to make such a messenger bag strap for a while, so why not for this upcycle project.

The idea seemed cool enough and doable enough. I knew I had set aside some seatbelts for this exact project sometime in the past. They were not sexy vintage seatbelts. I had some from a 90s Chevy Cavalier and some from a 90s van. I thought it would make a perfect parody of the hipster aesthetic.

On to the next block; finding materials. I don’t remember where I put the seatbelts. Couldn’t find them. Oh well, I will find them and use them for something else another time.

Back to the idea formation bubble. The new idea came from a need. I need to make a panel to mount switches in at home. To operate things like lights and the heater and stuff. I could use a regular light switch, but I love those old school basic toggle switches. The upcycling part of the project is that I am going to use some sort of existing sheet metal.

More cyrillic text

I am currently at the “find materials” stage again. I reckon I will use a old VCR casing or car radio or something.





I did end up hooking an old seat belt to a messenger bag anyways:

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