Summing Up 2019

This has been a very enjoyable class that has given me some new skills and new methods of thinking. I learned a lot about design and how to incorporate aesthetics into the design process. I learned how to evaluate aesthetics, critique designs, and use some tools of industrial designers to made engineering designs more appealing. I learned hands on skills, like wood working, and I improved my designing for 3D printing techniques. A big thing I gained from this class was a better understanding of how to use sketching as a visual tool to rapidly  ideate designs. It was also a very interesting and different problem to start with an idea of what I want the final product to look like and what function I want it to have and then work to figure out how to make that possible while sticking to my original design intent as much as possible.

These are the links to all of my blog posts so far; outlining my design process and work throughout the semester:

Aesthetic Exploration: Product Design Sketches

Upcycle Progress: 3D Product Design Sketch

Upcycle Inspiration

Upcycle Project: Sketchy Toothpick and Paper Lamp

Skill Sets and Aspirations

Final Project Inspiration and Ideas

Final Project Top 5 Constraints

Minimal Bedframe Design Review

Project Aesthetics vs 20th Century Design

Project Timeline

2 in 1 Desk Lamp Final Stretch

Final Presentation Pt 1 – 2 in 1 Desk Lamp

Final Project pt 2 – 2 in 1 Lamp

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