Summing Up 2019

This has been a very enjoyable class that has given me some new skills and new methods of thinking. I learned a lot about design and how to incorporate aesthetics into the design process. I learned how to evaluate aesthetics, critique designs, and use some tools of industrial designers to made engineering designs more appealing.…
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Upcycle Inspiration

As mentioned in my previous post, a lot of my inspiration is the rough design sketches of the ideation phase of product development. With toothpicks in mind as a material, it seemed like a perfect way to represent the rough line-based style with stray lines and hashmark shading in a 3D object. I then thought…
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Aesthetic Exploration: Product Design Sketches

Sketching by hand is not lost in today’s digital age. The ability to sketch by hand allows designers to quickly put ideas onto paper, make changes, and flesh out concepts. Hurricane Lantern sketches by Mike Serafin Early stages of design sketching often looks like this. Many simple images on one page. Often in a side…
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