Main Project Aesthetic: Modern Desk Toy/Sculpture

My main project is to create a desk toy/sculpture using the physics of the rollercoaster from my upcyling project. The classic aesthetic for a desk toy is the sleek, modern, and slightly futuristic aesthetic. A good example would be this sand pendulum with it’s sleek curved arm and fancy pendulum. [1]

There are other aesthetics that could be applied to the “double-cone roller desk toy” that I plan to make. Another aesthetic that could be applied would be a traditional Korean aesthetic. I considered this one because it would make this toy/sculpture more personnel. One of the characteristics I’ve noticed is the use of vibrant and solid colors like the traditional hand fan [2] or traditional dress (Hanbok).

This aesthetic would utilize the vibrant colors for the roller in the desk toy, and use traditional embroidery or architectural styles.[3]

Another approach would be a nature-metal aesthetic by using my knowledge of jewelry techniques: patinas, enamel, fold-form and more. Whilst, it is better described as a technique than an aesthetic, fold-form is very unique in it’s patterns and ability to associate objects with it’s textures. I would utilize this for the base of the desk toy, but I think it would be difficult to incorporate this aesthetic to the double-cone and rails.

Fold-Form Copper Sculpture


Patina Copper Sculpture


Fold-form techniques naturally tend to have a very nature-like aesthetic due to the lines and texture created during the process. The patina I could apply is already natural, only supporting the nature-metal aesthetic.

Another aesthetic that may work well with this desk toy is the Retro aesthetic I had posted very early into the semester.

Aesthetic Design: 80’s and 90’s Retro Art Style

This aesthetic could work well as the themes for the 80’s and 90’s retro art style coincide with some of the symbols in this piece. The endless toy desk coincides with the vaporwave aesthetic of endless future. The colors on the double-cone can be very vibrant and gradient to juxtapose the dark-box like base.

Ultimately, there’s a lot of options with the desk toy object I’d like to create.

[1] ATD Sand Pendulum


[3]   htps://

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  • Zach Aldrich
    March 2, 2020 7:25 pm

    I think this project’s aesthetic is very open and not cut and cannot be pigeon-holed. It really is a blank canvas for you to work with. I think the Korean/royalty or zen aesthetic could be really cool here. I am very excited to see what you end up pursuing!

  • Nathaniel Wang
    March 1, 2020 9:33 pm

    I love the idea of the futuristic and retro aesthetics. You could definitely get crazy with some switches and LED strips to accomplish the retro aesthetic. My question is what measures do you plan on taking to accomplish the futuristic aesthetic?


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