Post 13: Portfolio

This semester I worked on two main projects for MCEN 4279: Aesthetics of Design.

Project 1

The first project was a paper mache head that was inspired by the art work of Duane Flatmo. Duane is an artist that is based out of Eureka, California. This project challenged my drawing abilities and I learned a lot about drawing faces. I approached the learning progress for the face that I wanted to make, first by learning how to draw a normal head in perspective and then by adding some distorted elements on to the face.

Paper Mache Head (Inspired by Duane Flatmo)

I had a great time working on this project and it led me to making another paper mache head after the completion of the head for this assignment!

Image 1: Second Paper Mache Head


Project 2

For the second project I was influenced by the artisan food movement and decided to make my own cheese press. I plan on trying this cheese press out to see what works well with the design and what needs to be fixed ultimately. I would like to make a second cheese press this summer when I am able to find a wood shop that I can work in.

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