Main Project Final Report: Part 2 – K. Gresh

Puppy Palace The puppy palace project was designed for a miniature French Bulldog.  The inspiration arose from the cutest, adorable Frenchie puppy which was chosen for his small size, non-barking nature, lovable, sweet, easy, and mellow attitude.  The puppy’s size allowed him to be taken everywhere so staying at home, or restricted to a crate/area…
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Skills and Personal Aspirations

Skills: From group discussion, I think helping with building/construction of projects would be the most beneficial.  Other skills include experience working on several projects: art and engineering.  I have bass wood, paint, markers, and other supplies, if needed, for the upcoming prototype. Aspirations: My aspirations are to be the best I can possibly be as…
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Aesthetic Exploration: Apple

Aesthetic Exploration: Aesthetics of Apple Sleek, sexy, contemporary design is the cornerstone of Apple.  From Macs to iphones, Apple has defined contemporary aesthetics for its products, making it the most valuable company in the world (, “Can Apple Hold Its Place as World’s Most Valuable Company Again in 2017?” January 3, 2017).  Once a fledgling…
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