This class was exactly what I needed to improve my design skills. It taught me how to balance between functionality and the aesthetics of a project. I have gained a huge amount of knowledge on the different type of aesthetics and its variations. The open ended final project was a challenge as there was not any specific guidelines which is a skill i needed to expand my creativity and experience a new task that I usually never get the chance to have, since almost all the college related projects have specific requirements. It was a great experience and i would advice everyone to take this class.

I have worked on two projects, which the posts relating to them are as follows:

Upcycle Project: Drawer

Upcycle Progress: Drawer

Upcycle Progress/ Inspiration

Upcycle Final Report: Drawer

Final Project: Wall clock

Skill Sets & Personal Aspirations

Final Project Inspiration

Top 5 Constraints

Design Review Report: Wall Clock

Project Aesthetics Compared to the 20th Century: Wall clock

Construction Timeline

Main project final stretch: wall clock

Final Project Part 1: Wall Clock

Final project Report 2: Wall Clock


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