Hello everyone, this semester I made two projects for the Aesthetic in Design course at CU Boulder. For the first task we were given the assignment of creating an upcycled project. For this project we had to focus on using already owned or recycled materials to create an object with the theme of a certain aesthetic. For the second project we made a main design project. This project had a spending limit the cost of what our books for the class would have costed. We could make anything we wanted and had to implement an aesthetic to this design as well.


Upcycle project: Wooden Branch Coasters 

For this project I decided to use an already fallen branch to create some coasters for my table. I found a branch with the desired thickness and cut in to the depth of a coaster. After the shape and cut I meticulously sanded them until they were as smooth ass a babies bottom. When the sanding was done I stained them and made sure that water was not going to damage them.


Rustic Table Coasters

Main Design Project: Viking Aesthetic Guitar Body 

For my main design project I decided to make an electric guitar body from scratch and implement a Viking design onto it. There is also the intent to finish the guitar by the end of the summer. Although for the time I had during this project I decided to focus on the body. I ordered two large pieces of ambrosia maple and glued them together. From here I designed and traced the body onto the wood and using the woodworking machinery at the Idea Forge cut it to shape. Once I had the main body I decided to use a hand dremmel to cut into the body and create a viking braid design on the base as it went up the side. There is still more that I have to create as I plan on burning some designs onto it as well.

Design Preview Report – Wood Carved Electric Guitar

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