20th Century Influence

I intentionally create a project that mixed several different styles and influences together. There is a slight influence of the Radical Design movement. The design has clean lines and geometric shapes. The color scheme derives from the Pop movement. It feeds off of the bright colors and tends to draw the eye. This is a combination…
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Mechanical Jewelry Project Update

As I continue with the project, I was originally playing around with the idea of using existing, recycled gears. After spending several hours at the local McGuckins, I discovered that the size of gears I want are mostly found in only plastic. I want to use recycled gears, but I am afraid of the potential…
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Minion Resume

After 4 years of mechanical engineering and a life time of DIY projects, I have several skills that make me a perfect minion. I have a strong programming background. While I may not know every language I have a strong aptitude for computing. I also have a basic knowledge of Solidworks and laser cutting. My…
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