Summing Up 2019

This semester started with my up-cycle project where I made a 50s style dress out of paper. Then for my final project I was inspired by The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, a show on Amazon set in the late 50s. I decided to learn a new skill for my project: sewing! I made my own sewing pattern out of paper, cut out all the pieces to size, and then sewed it all together. It took a lot more time than it should have because I have never done anything like this before.

Here are links to all my posts from the past semester! They go in-depth for the design process and outcome of both of my projects.

Up-cycle Project:

Aesthetic Explorations: Minimalism

Up-cycle Project Progress : Paper Dress

Up-cycle Project : Inspiration and Progress Report

Up-cycle Project : 50s Style Paper Dress Final Report


Final Project:

Skill Sets and Personal Aspirations

Final Project Inspirations

Top 5 Final Project Constraints

Design Review Report 2019 

Comparison: 50s aesthetic to other fashions of the 20th century

Construction Timeline

Main Project Final Stretch Progress

Final Report Part 1 – What and How

Final Report Part 2 – Why and What Next

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Summing Up 2019

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  • It’s very cool that both your projects are about clothing design. I have to say both projects came out very aesthetically pleasing and I learned a lot about clothing design through your posts, good work! One area I think that maybe has room for improvment is to decrease the waist circumference for the 50s style coat.


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