Summing Up 2019

This class gave me the opportunity to explore my own creative process and further develop my skills. Throughout the semester I was able to work on two projects: A set of voronoi planters and a geometric art piece. The voronoi planters was the creation of an up-cycling project in which we were not allowed to buy any materials, but had to work with everyday things which would normally be thrown away. For this project I decided to use cardboard from the CU bookstore since it was easy to get and in good condition.









For the geometric art piece, I took a lot of inspiration from Matt Shlian, an artist whose work revolves around geometric shapes and paper, and created a piece that I could hang in my room. This project was a big learning experience for me but I was really pleased with the final piece.

Link to blog posts in which I dive into these projects in a lot more detail:

Aesthetic Exploration

Design Movement Exploration

Upcycle Inspiration

Upcycle Progress

Upcycle Final


Final Project Inspiration

Final Project Constraints

Final Project Design Review

Final Project Timeline

Final Project Final Report




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