Summing Up 2019

This semester began with an up-cycling project where learning about aesthetics first started. The next project was for the final project where I made a hanging desk modified with an LCD screen I learned new skills including wood working, electronics, and coding. This semester taught me how to get out of my comfort zone and create things I never thought that I was capable of designing/creating.

Below is a link to each one of the projects and its design processes throughout the past semester.

Aesthetics Exploration:

Up-Cycling Project: 

Up-cycle Progress:

Up-cycle Progress Inspiration:

Up-cycle Final Report:

Skill Set and Aspirations:

Final Project:

Main Project Inspiration:

Top 5 Constraints:

Design Review Report:

Project Aesthetics compared to 20th century:

Construction Timeline:

Main Project Final Stretch:

Main Project Final Report Part 1: Floating Desk

Main Project Final Report Part 2: Floating Desk

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Summing Up 2019
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