Summing Up 2019

I designed and created two projects this semester. The first was an up-cycling project that utilized used or unwanted materials.  I loved the chance to breathe new life into something old and make it new again. For the project I designed and welded a balancing wine holder.  For my final project I wanted to design something that I could display at my new job and be a conversation starter. It also embodies both this class and the other course I took with this instructor, Flow Visualization. I really enjoyed both these courses and wanted to showcase them. So for my final project I chose to build a vortex fountain.  I am really proud of what I’ve accomplished in this course and have learned a lot.

20th Century Design

Final Project Report Part 2: Vortex Fountain

Final Stretch Progress

Final Project Report Part 1: Vortex Fountain

Construction Timeline

Design Review: Hidden Compartment Artwork

Top Five Constraints

Main Project Inspiration

Skill Sets and Personal Aspirations

Upcycle Inspiration

Upcycle Progress

Upcycle Final Report: Balancing Wine Holder

Aesthetic Exploration: Steampunk

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Summing Up 2019
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