Summing Up 2019

This semester I created two pieces of art that I am proud to hang up in my room. One of them was a mirror with a paint stick background and the other was a wooden plaque with string art on the front. I really wanted to explore a different type of project than the ones I was used to doing for my technical classes. The inspiration for my projects was that my room was often empty and these projects were created from that idea of “something from nothing”.

Upcycle Project: Wooden Paintstick Mirror

Upcycle Inspiration: Paintstick Mirror

Upcycle Final Report: Paintstick Mirror

Skills and Aspirations: Hogan Auyeung

Main Project Inspiration 2019: String Art

Top 5 Constraints: String Art

Design Review: String Art

20th Century Aesthetics: String Art

Construction Timeline

Main Project Final Stretch Progress

Final Project Report Part 1: String Art

Final Report 2 – String Art

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