Summing up Aesthetics of Design 2020

Hi there! Here’s a consolidation of my work throughout the course Aesthetics of Design, taken during the 2020 Spring semester at CU Boulder, taught by Professor Hertzberg.

Upcycling Project:

Create an artifact that conforms to an aesthetic, either the aesthetic you researched, or one that someone else in class posted about. Upcycle means that your artifact should be constructed of inexpensive or recycled material, something easy to manipulate using additive or subtractive techniques: cardboard (can be laser cut), foam core, drywall, sticks, plastic forks or plates, soda cans/bottles, Legos, bubblewrap or packing peanuts, stir sticks, straw, hay, cloth, papier Mache, tires, DVDs, PVC, food, plastic bags etc. Your artifact should be of moderate size, something between 0.5 and 8 cubic feet; can be small but must be viewable without a microscope, or up to as large as a chair.

Read about my Upcycling project journey here:

Main Project:

You can make anything you want, as long as it has some sort of dynamic component; a moving part or something that changes with time. You are expected to pay for the materials (cost at least equivalent to a hardcopy textbook, say $150) and the project is yours to keep at the end of the semester.

Read about my Main Project here:


Some posts that aren’t necessarily related to specific projects:

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