Summing Up 2020


What a roller coaster of a semester! This class definitely took me out of my comfort zone as I am not normally one who has a knack for artistic ability. I learned that the word aesthetic has actually a vastly deeper meaning than just “what looks good”. My final project was the cardboard grabber, and once the world is reopened I plan on really making this project shine on round two. Thank you all for a great semester!

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Final Project Part Two: Cardboard Grabber

Final Report Part 1: Cardboard Grabber

Construction Update: Cardboard Grabber

Aesthetic Roots: Cardboard Grabber

Design Review 2 – Cardboard Grabber

Main Project Design Review Part One:

Top Five Constraints – Cardboard Grabber

Main Project Aesthetics – Steampunk/Monster

Final Project Idea – Cardboard Grabber Hands


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