Electronotype by Meridith Richter

“The Illusionist” Locket by Jeffrey Gay

The Wine Knife by Ryan Yankowski

Lazy Susan Kitchen Device by Alex Peters

Reactive Illuminated Branch Divider by Daniel Rankin

Minimalist Alcohol Stove by Kenzy O’neill

Living Room 3D Printer by Chip Bollendonk

Arrow Shaft Artwork by Sami Maierhofer

Desktop Radial Engine by Brendan Warren

The Useless Box by Joe Yoshimura

Borderlands Digital Display by Dennis Can

Bamboo Bicycle by Daniel Moody

Piet Mondrian LED Dress by Anfal Abdulrahman

Fiber-optic Jellyfish by Brittany Warly

Immersion Wheel by Jason McGrath

Swing Bike by Brendan Lee

MIDI Drum Pad by Jakob Oreskovich

Honda cb750 Cafe Racer by Chad Alvarez

Macro Music Box by Matt Tabor

Neo Parasol by Rena Yang

Wind-Up Spider Toy by Tyler Smyth

Wind Chime by Jacob Mccormick

Back-lit Flatirons Panorama by Roshan Misra

Building A Barn Door by Laura Bonney

Electric Hourglass by David Holliman

LED Orb by Shawn Sprinkle

Desk Garden by Ashley Zimmerer

Infinity Mirror Clock by Rachel Grosskrueger

Carbon Fiber Short Board by Gardner Nichols

Mendocino Motor by Peter Brunsgaard

Lighting Up Pearl Street by Elyse Skinner

Mechanical Jewelry by Katie Hortik

Infinity Mirror by Yusen Ji

Nixie Clock by Kevin Martin

Road Worn Speaker Guitar by Ethan Gehring

Mechanical Clock by Nick Ortiz

Dynamic LED Charging Dock by Shen Shu

Glass Writing Boards by Matthew Sturm

Bladeless Fan by Brandon Boiko

Longboard by Sophia Glik

Levitation Audio Visualizer by Thomas Brunsgaard

Mechanical Buffalo by Sreyas Krishnan

Sand Frame by Aly Badran

Thundercloud by Liz Whitman

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