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Students in Aesthetics of Design will be posting here about their work all semester. Please read and comment.

Summing Up 2019

Summing Up 2019

Summing up 2019

Summing up 2019

Summing Up 2019

Summing It All Up

Summing Up 2019

Summing Up 2019

2019 in a nutshell, so far

Summing Up 2019

Summing Up 2019

My Work

Summing Up 2019

Main Project Final Reports 2019

Final Project Report (P1): Dehydrator

Final Project Post 2 – Tudor Style Lock Box

Main Project Report Part 1: Auto Pet Feeder

Final Part I

Final Project Report Part 2: Vortex Fountain

Final Swords

Final Project Report Part 1: Kanshou and Bakuya

Final Report Part 2: Smart Mirror

Shen’s Final Project Report Part 2: Why and What Next?

Final Presentation

Final Report 2

Final Project Report 2

Final Project: Final Report Part Two(Self Watering Planter)

Weekly Posts 2019

Final Stretch Posts: updates

Main Project Final Stretch

Main Project Final Stretch Progress: Shadow Art

Main Project Final Stretch: Hanging/Standing Planter

Jae’s Main Project Final Stretch!

Main Project Final Stretch

Main Project Final Stretch

Main Project Final Stretch

Instrumental Chair Final Progress

Final Stretch: Floating Faucet

Final Stretch Progress: Iron Punk

Main Project Final Stretch: Snow-globe Terrarium

Final Stretch for the Guillotine

Construction Timeline

Construction Timeline: Shi-Shi Odoshi

Construction Timeline

Construction Timeline: Tabletop Garden

Construction Timeline: Light Sculpture

Construction timeline

Construction Timeline 2019

Construction Timeline

Kinetic Sculpture Timeline

Construction Timeline

Construction Timeline: wall clock

Construction Timeline: Kinetic Motion

Arcade Construction Timeline

Your Aesthetic compared to Major 20th Century Movements

Design Movements of the Interactive Chair

20th Century Design

20th Century Aesthetics: String Art

20th Century Design Aesthetics: Shadow Art

Design Comparison: 20th Century Movements

Jae’s Current vs 20th century

Project Aesthetics Compared to 20th Century Designs: Beer Tap Handle

20th Century Movements: Dehydrator

Project Aesthetics Compared to 20th Century Designs: Infinity Mirror Clock

Project Aesthetics vs 20th Century Design

20th Century Design

Current vs. 20th Century Design Movement

Main Project Critical Design Review

Critical Design Report: Smart Mirror

Design Review Progress – Dream Catcher

Design Review Report

Design Review Report

Design Review: Bauhaus Shelf

Design Review Report

Design Review Report

Design Review: Star Wars Bass Amp

Main Project Design Review

Design Review Report: Dehydrator

Design Review Report: Metallic Shi-shi Odoshi Fountain

Design Review: Hidden Compartment Artwork

Main Project Top 5 Constraints

Top 5 Constraints

Top Constraints

Final Project Top 5 Constraints

Top 5 Constraints 2019: Auto Pet Feeder

Top 5 Final Project Constraints

Top 5 Constraints

Shut-Box Constraints

Top 5 Constraints

Top 5 Constraints: Makeup Organizer

Project Constraints

Top 5 Constraints

Kinetic Sculpture Constraints

Main Project Inspirations and Explorations

Aesthetic Exploration 2019: Beer Tap Handles

Aesthetics Exploration 2019: CU Boulder Architecture

Rocky Mountain Underground

Ibrahim Alhajji

Aesthetic Exploration: Soviet Propaganda

Aesthetic Explorations – Biomimicry

Aesthetic Exploration: Snowboarding

Sunn O))): From Amplifiers to Altars

Aesthetic Explorations 2019: Spooky Art

Organic Design

Aesthetic Exploration: A-frame Houses

Aesthetic Exploration – Mosaics

Skills and Aspirations

Skill Sets and Personal Aspirations

Skill Sets and Personal Aspirations

Skill Sets and Personal Aspirations

Skillset and Goals

Skills and Career Aspiration

Blog Post 4: Skills and Aspirations

What I can do and what I want to be able to do


Blog 5: Skill Sets and Personal Aspirations

Skill Sets and Personal Aspirations – Tyler

Skill Sets and Personal Aspiration

Skill Sets and Aspirations

Upcycle Project Final Reports

Upcycle Final Report: Cardboard Fire Pit

Upcycle Project: Sketchy Toothpick and Paper Lamp

Upcycle Project: Flower/Spiral Lamp

Upcycle Final Report: Pennies

Upcycle Final Report

Upcycle Final Report: Silverware Holder

Upcycle Final: Switch Panel

Upycle Final Report: Pop-up LEGO Book

Upcycle Final Report

Upycle Final Report: Planter

Upcycling Final Report

Tinfoil Insect Trees

Upcycle Project Interim Posts

Upcycle Progress: Plastic Waste

Upcycle Process: Safety glove for cutting in kitchen

Upcycle Progress: Wall Mount Piece

Tinfoil Insects

Upcycle Project: Inspiration and Progress

Up-Cycle Progress: Power Line Insulator Lamp

Upcycle Progress: Drawer

Upcycle Progress: LEGO Mosaic

Upcycle Progress: Cork

Upcycle Project – Colorado Flag

Upcycle Progress: Patterns of Circles

Upcycle Progress: My Design Process


Here we show examples of the intersection of engineering and art that have inspired us.

Product Design: 365 Knitting Clock makes time more tactile by making a scarf

Siren Elise Wilhelmsen is a Norwegian product designer based between Bergen and Berlin. She produces objects that challenge the concept of traditional functionality and transform natural materials into intricate mechanical objects. Through her practice she seeks to find ‘a conceptual way to stimulate ideas and discussions around our everyday objects, rituals and culture.’ Source: Product…
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Today’s Influential Designers

Unfortunately I cannot make it to class Wednesday to hear about today’s influential designers, but I thought I might share who’s work I find inspiring. I’d be interested to see who’s currently inspiring you too. I don’t find Martha Stewart terribly inspiring, but what other female designers are influencing product design? Marcel Wanders known…
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Chairs of China

Since we’re talking about chairs as the classic design case study, I thought you may enjoy my chair book featuring the chairs of China. Some are up-cycled, some are at end of their life, all are rad. Have a seat and enjoy:
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99% Invisible – A Podcast About Design

I’ve been listening to this podcast for a while now, and it has quickly become one of my all-time favorites. If you love podcasts, design, history, interesting stories, or just some strange amalgam of them all, then you’ll love 99% Invisible. Recommended Episodes: – Episode 110: Structural Integrity – Episode 114: Ten Thousand Years –…
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Military Surreal

Several students chose military hardware as upcycle source material, and made benign objects from it, like Ethan Gehring’s nutcracker from a grenade casing, Shen Shu’s toy cannon, and Chad Alvarez‘s string of shotgun shell lights.      Here is a full scale example from Kris Kuksi, a “post-industrial Rococco master”artist. Many layers of meaning here.  
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Beer can costume

Someone in class mentioned that they had a lot of soda cans that they were thinking of using for the Upcycle Assignment. Here is an example of upcycling that I can’t find the origin of, but it looks like a Brazilian Carnival troupe: I found it shared on Facebook.
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Rolling through the bay

Source: Rolling through the bay A wonderful example of upcycled outsider art. Scott Weaver created an elaborate sculpture of San Francisco, made entirely of toothpicks, around 100,000 of them. A ping pong ball rides on tracks through the sculpture, visiting sites of importance to the sculptor. I saw this at the American Visionary Museum in…
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Final Assignments

Lecture Notes etc.